Sette Pagine su l'Enigma del Bianco

by Lawrence Casserley

This piece was written in 2013 for the Italian cellist Nicola Baroni, who gave the first performance in a duo concert with the composer at the Festival 5 Giornate in Milano on 22 March, 2014. He has also performed it in Turku, Finland and Los Angeles, USA. Alison Blunt and Alan Tomlinson performed a duo version at the 2014 Colourscape Music Festival in London. Further performances have occurred in Bologna, San Marino and the Czech Republic, as well as at the 2015 London New Wind Festival.

There are seven pages, which may be placed in any orientation and played in any order. There are seven sets of delays, one for each page. The piece may be played by any instrument or instruments, including electroacoustic instruments and instruments with real time processing. The delay structures must be used in addition to and after any live processing that is part of the instrument. If more than one instrument is performing then there should be a seperate delay structure for each instrument.

A video of three versions, for one, two and three cellos can be seen here

Thumbprints of the pages are shown below. Performing material may be obtained from the composer.

Azurro A - Rosso A - Rosso B - Verde A

Azurro B - Bianco - Verde B

All images created by Lawrence Casserley.

Photographs by Lawrence Casserley: Rosso A/B, Magna Face of Steel, Rotherham, England and Strépy-Thieu Boat Lift, Hainalt, Belgium; Verde A, Woods by the River Ennig, Talgarth, Wales; Verde B, Maple and Iris leaves in the Composer's Garden, Bledlow Ridge, Bucks, England; Azurro A, Dulas Brook, Wales/England; Azurro B, Sea off Fiskardo, Kephalonia, Greece; Bianco, Sky over Croydon, England.